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Linux use doubles, and then some, on the desktop

Open source: We're always skeptical of vendor-driven or funded surveys and while DesktopLinux.com does not technically sell the OS, this study is to be taken with a grain or two of salt. That said, the organization "found more than a doubling of Linux desktop users in the past year," Paul Krill writes in Survey: Desktop Linux use grows. The top choice is Ubuntu, with Firefox the most popular browser and Thunderbird the reigning e-mail client.

Columnist's corner: With new iterations of Lotus Notes, Domino and Sametime, IBM just might be getting something very few folks would have expected: a second chance at knocking off longtime market leader Microsoft Outlook. "Most industry analysts are now saying that this version of Notes is finally on par and competitive with Outlook 2007," Ephraim Schwartz reports in E-mail's future, pumped look. That does, however, raise the question of where this multi-faceted rivalry will be in 5 years. Schwartz predicts that, "e-mail will never go away, but it may get surrounded by so many other collaborative capabilities it will be unrecognizable from the e-mail clients we use today."

Green IT: Touring Hewlett-Packard's datacenter, Ted Samson gets a taste of Dynamic Smart Cooling (DSC), HP's technology to help customers more efficiently chill their hardware. Actually, it's more of a meal than a taste. "On the tour, I got to see the rows of server racks in HP's datacenter, all busily humming away -- yet the facility itself was surprisingly warm," Samson relates in Chillin' at the HP datacenter. Warm, that is, not hot. Watch the video tour with Samson and HP fellow Chandrakant Patel.

Wireless: Tom Yager is embarking on a mammoth mobile project that consumed all available space in his hotel room with wireless devices for professionals and the IT staff that support them. That list includes 15 pieces from several vendors spanning the gamut of phones (including the one that starts with a little "i"), handhelds, Bluetooth headsets and routers. "I test technology by living with it, betting my professional life on it, just as you do with the technology you buy. I keep testing devices and software in rotation until they let me down or otherwise lose their status as leaders in their class," Yager explains in 2 mobile 2 move, the first in a multi-piece package.

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